Because action cures fear... let us help you to get moving... today!

DanceFit Studio is a small and private studio offering a wide range of classes and workshops for optimum fitness and wellness for over 45+ years. Edna-Jakki Miller focuses on results-oriented integrative and holistic-based dance, fitness, dance-fitness and wellness programs.  All programs are safe, effective, balanced & energizing and, they take into account that we are whole beings with three centers of our being: physical, mental, and spiritual. That's why all of DanceFit's programs are designed from the inside out and outside in. In addition, she incorporate energy healing and dynamic wellness principles and practices.


Feel free to turn your training schedule into a group effort with cardio classes, toning and strength classes, yoga classes and dance classes.  And we offer "free" community offerings several times per year. The ultimate goal is for you to feel good and look great no matter the circumstances. There is something for everyone: beginners through advanced, ages 3 to 103, all body types, and all fitness levels. So, please join us for a fun and diverse variety of classes taught by certified and trained instructors... all in the same space!  

Your Coach, Edna-Jakki Miller