Keep Going… Don’t Stop

I want to encourage every dancer and dance student to live their life to the fullest despite all of the distractions of the mind stuff especially in our world of dance. Physical appearance and prowess is not the only true measure of ones’ talent. When the world looks at you and is distracted by allContinue reading “Keep Going… Don’t Stop”

It’s Just That Way…

“You must strip things down to their dangerous bones. A dancer must feel with the bones – those lovely bones! And wear the skin like a garment.” Martha Graham I have always had a kinship with movement… intuitive and instinctive motion. A feeling of being at one with just “being” in a space and timeContinue reading “It’s Just That Way…”

Still at it!

Times are different, difficult at times, and often times disappointing. But… despite the situation, surround yourself with love and light. And know that… no matter your situation, you are never alone. I use this metaphysical meditation daily as I remember to let go and let God. Teach me to drink the everlasting nectar of joyContinue reading “Still at it!”

Busy Dressing Up My Site

Right now my site is bare bones…. but, I am working on it. One of the things that I love about my work is “doing my work”. There are a lot of challenges that come with it. I really don’t mind because it is so rewarding to have an opportunity for continuous learning while sharing.Continue reading “Busy Dressing Up My Site”