Keep Going… Don’t Stop

I want to encourage every dancer and dance student to live their life to the fullest despite all of the distractions of the mind stuff especially in our world of dance.

Edna-Jakki Miller Professional
Edna-Jakki Miller Professional

Physical appearance and prowess is not the only true measure of ones’ talent. When the world looks at you and is distracted by all forms of competition life becomes a vicious struggle in so many ways.

My personal experience of being a dance student, a dance performer, a dance teacher and choreographer has been haunted by years of put-downs, rudeness, insensitivity, exclusion, and negativity.

I have survived as a dance professional by sheer will. On the other hand I have thrived as a person because of my strength in overcoming obstacles.

Let’s always stay aware of how our values, principles and integrity affects those whose lives we touch.

It’s Just That Way…

“You must strip things down to their dangerous bones. A dancer must feel with the bones – those lovely bones! And wear the skin like a garment.”

Martha Graham

I have always had a kinship with movement… intuitive and instinctive motion. A feeling of being at one with just “being” in a space and time – a feeling of belonging right where it all connects. I always found truth and happiness in those moments of integrating wholly.

Often I have felt like I didn’t belong. Unaccepted just as I am. That in some way I needed to change. Not be my authentic self.

It’s the world we live in.