FitBody Small Group Fitness and Wellness Training

DanceFit has a diverse selection of dance-fitness and body-mind movement workouts, small group classes, workships, events, and certifications.

DanceFit fuses together movements, techniques, and styles from traditional dance and fitness creating workouts for all levels of fitness. Our movement workouts include moves and choreography that follow a progressive and instructional format. The music will make you want to move. Prior experience is not required.

EJ’s 3 Key Goals!

All movement workouts are taught by trained professionals and follow all exercise and fitness guidelines for safe and effective training. Our movement workouts are custom designed and are unique in format and style incorporating principles of natural movement that can be applied functionally to all aspects of daily living.

We offer beginning and advanced movement workouts for fun, fitness and wellness that are joint-friendly, safe, effective, balanced and energizing.

6 Key Benefits of Small Group Training:

  1. Great for all levels including those with limited mobility and flexibility.
  2. Increased joint flexibility and strength and flexibility.
  3. Improved balance and stability.
  4. Emphasis on fat-burning and total body conditioning.
  5. Improved cardiovascular and muscular strength.
  6. Increased coordination and balance.

Enjoy these workouts…

Join in this fun HIIT Workout